About Us

Michael Caird, co-owner of The Knitting Mill/TKM Studio, at center. His son, Rory, on the left, and Jim Martin on the right.

The Knitting Mill (also known as TKM Studio) is a small manufacturing operation located in the Central Texas town of Liberty Hill since 2011. Our main business is making knitted accessories in a wide variety of materials for high-end designer brands, but we've now developed these knitted masks with filters to sell directly to the public online. 

Our co-founder and principal, Michael Caird, has been working in the knitting industry for more than 35 years. Spanning 19yrs, he worked for Shima Seiki Europe (Scottish office) and Shima Seiki USA. He started working on Shima Seiki WholeGarment technology back in 1995.

Conventional knitwear can be produced by knitting blanket fabric and then have that fabric cut to shaped, so it then can be stitched/seamed together. Garments can also be produced by knitting pieces to shape, then stitched/seamed together, which removes a considerable amount of waste yarn that is leftover by cutting blanket fabric. WholeGarment knitting produces products that are knit in one single piece, straight off the machine, no seams, and with virtually zero wastage of yarn, and very little post-knitting work. 

Co-founder Pamela Caird (you might call us a mom-and-pop shop) handles the website duties.